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………………If you are good, IT savvy and have passion for training, the door is open for you at VAST!

Vast Integrated Solutions Ltd believes that  human capital is one of the most valuable assets. We are constantly introducing newer pacakages to address our ever growing client demands.

At present our  training programme is more than 250 career enabling courses and still increasing!

Our client base is continously expanding tremendously and needs to be matched with enough resource people.


people That We Are Looking  For

We look forward to experienced, self motivated team players, top-notch experts, consultants and freelancers. We also encourage fast rising and budding career driven people who has a passion for what we do, ready to build a professional career path here and can help us with newer dimensions to create wealth together.

Our criteria for selections is:  you must be an " authority" on your professional skill, ensure good service delivery and be innovative.  

Our catch-phrase has remained the same over the years - only the best hands works with us here at VAST!

This is not an understatement, it is a prized niche we have been renowned for over the years.

For those interested in joining us as a support team member, please send your resume outlining your core competencies to:

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