civil  & Structural Cads

civil  & Structural Cads

Professional Designs, Analysis and Detailing

For the Civil or Structural Engineers, we give expert trainings for the design, detailing and analysis of civil structures such as buildings, columns, beams, trusses, bracings, culverts, roads, bridges, frames, slabs etc. Our broad spectrum covers both concrete and steel structures.

VAST Civil & Structural programs enables you to have visualization tools, powerful analysis and designs with advanced finite element and dynamic analysis skills .

From model generation, analysis and design to visualization and result verification, we train with many professional’s choice for steel, concrete, timber, aluminum and cold-formed steel design of low and high-rise buildings, culverts, petrochemical plants, tunnels, bridges, piles and much more!

Most of our courses here are handled by core, extensive and experienced engineers with many cognate years of practice and duly registered with both the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) and the Council for the Regulation of Engineers (COREN)




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