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The explosive growth of the CAD industry in recent years has created a great demand for highly trained, quality CAD draftsmen and solid CAD modeling professionals.

This ever-increasing demand has prompted VAST Integrated Solutions Ltd to implement unique courses that  provides hands-on-training and produce highly skilled CAD professionals. We try to retain the best of the lot that has undergone  training at our state –of - the - art CAD Training Center.

Our front end engineering design (FEED) team consists of design engineers, draftsmen and project managers who are assigned to your contracts to keep you up to date with the progression of your work and to ensure that they are  delivered on time and within budget.

As a provider of design services to the industry, we are in regular touch with the latest software trends & technology. We leverage on our academic backgrounds, proficiencies and years of industry experience to address several knotty issues pertaining to very complex  jobs.

For many needing professional designs for Biddings, Presentations, Front End Engineering Designs (FEED), As-built designs, Paper to CAD conversions, Building Plans, Civil & Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Piping & Plants, Technical Reports, the VAST team of professional design experts are ever ready to help you get it done.


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