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VAST Integrated Solutions Ltd is a renowned name and reference point in Industrial Consultancy, Oil & Gas and other industries, Engineering companies, Training & Assessment Solutions. We are always driven by excellence and innovations in maintaining set standards.

From a humble beginning of offering professional training and IT supports with drafting and many engineering designs and project management services, we have  grown to have a broad base spectrum offering engineering and drafting services to companies and individuals in both regional and nationwide based locations.

Our quality design jobs spans through:

  • Electrical Designs-Electrical & Wiring Diagrams, Power and  Automation System Designs
  • Mechanical Designs-   Machine Parts, Engineering Kinematics
  • Civil & Structural Designs    -   Culverts, Bridges, Roads, Platforms
  • Piping & Plant Designs-   Pipe Isometrics & Schematics, Platforms
  • HVAC Designs-   Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Process Designs-   Flow Diagrams
  • Marine Designs-   Barges, Tugboats, Vessels, FPSOs
  • Architectural Designs-   Buildings, Floor Plans, Landscaping etc

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