This professional training course will provide participants with an integrated view of the telecommunications industry and its ecosystem, including its technological and network evolution, major drivers and key stakeholders, industry structure and important current issues, as well as trends and the future of telecommunications. It will also demystify key terminology and acronyms used in telecommunications.


Understanding the basic and advanced principles of IP/MPLS technologies can make a difference when your network must support real-time services like streaming video, Voice over IP, e-learning or even be properly secured against hackers.




At the end of the training course, the participants will have acquired the skills to:


*              Be comfortable with key vocabulary and understand how 21st century telecom functions globally in

*              terms of technologies and networks, industry structure, key players and important trends


*              Be able to position their organization within the telecom industry in order to identify upcoming

*              challenges with respect to important industry trends


*              Present an integrated view of the telecommunications industry and its ecosystem


*              Provide the key fundamental concepts of telecommunications networks and technologies


*              Decode the language of telecommunications


*              Review key current issues and trends in telecommunications and look to what the future holds

*              in this exciting and rapidly-changing industry


*              To equip trainees with in-depth understandings and practical knowledge of IP / MPLS technology

*              and its implementation at a Telecommunications environment that is normally not available from

*              standard vendor training sessions.





*        IT Technicians

*        Telecom Experts

*        IT Administrators

*        Electrical Engineers

*        IP Network Operations

*        Network Engineers & Designers

*        Network Engineering Managers

*        Network installers & Administrators

*        Network Planners who are planning the IP/MPLS network

*        Telecommunications and other industry professionals looking to increase their personal and

*        professional success by gaining a comprehensive view of the telecommunications industry

*        Fresh OND/HND/B.Sc graduates looking forward to a career in telecommunications.

*        Operations and Support Specialists in the ICT industry

*        Candidates with less technical disciplines seeking a career in the ICT industry

  • Title


  • Category

    Telecoms Training

  • Location

    Nigeria ?

  • Duration


    8 Weeks

  • Course Fees

    ₦100,000 VAT Inc.  

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