Skill Acquisition Training

………………Professional Skill Transfer & Empowerment

VAST Integrated Solutions Ltd is ever  ready to seek for for mutually assured partnerships with some Community Development

Authorities, Stakeholders and other Interest Bodies on Skill Acquisition and  Empowerment  Programmes  to  help beneficiaries

acquire relevant skills needed for  Employment  and also help Small and Medium Business Entrepreneurships  (SMEs).

Our trainings are streamlined to provide a platform to train and educate selected individuals on skills that can help create wealth, taking into cognisance the broad framework of the UNDP’s Millenium Development Goals (MDG’s) – e.g. eradication of poverty.

Participants will be trained to foster better-informed skill acquisition and produce more creative and well-thought-out services that result in better offerings to the consumer. Our skills acquisition and empowerment training is built on an active, experimental and practical learning sessions.

We train people on different skills of their choices.


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