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A. If you are online and accessing our site just click on our services. But if you can, try and visit our office for clarifications and career build-up.

A. Yes we do, either via email or on a CD . We can also provide printed copies of our lecture materials when necessary.

A.  Yes we are very flexible and can customize our trainings to reflect clients and company’s needs. Just let us know your scope of work and industrial needs and be rest assured we will come up with a structured plan well tailored for your needs.

A. VAST Integrated Solutions Ltd is located at # 1 Ohaeto Street, D/Line, the heart of Port Harcourt. Rivers State The area boasts of constant electricity, well paved streets, tight security, corporate setting with close proximity to the ever busy Aba Road. It can easily be located from several locations. The nearest bus stop if your coming through Aba Road is CFC bus stop.

The company is opened for business from 8.00 am to 8.00pm from Monday to Friday for regular clients, but may adjust these times due to special candidates. We also have weekend options from 9am to 4pm.

A. The basics is that you have to be computer literate, if not you have to do a preamble with us. Not mandatory but we advise our prospective clients on the choice of courses to do based on their skill traits, career paths, academic background and focus. For those preferring a career shift, we offer them a professional advice and structured programmes.

A. We understand how rigid your schedules may be but we offer various options that factors people like you in. Our flexibility trainings cover early mornings, nights and weekend programmes. We go extra mile to satisfy our numerous clientele. Apart from the regular  training hours, trainings can hold from 7.00am, from 6.00pm to 8.30pm, Saturdays inclusive and Sundays after Church service. You will always be trained.

A. We reschedule your training  to  join the next batch

A. Only for corporate training if it is built in on their cost

A. You can enroll online after selecting you preferred course(s), by downloading and filling our online registration forms. Send us back the forms after filling it or come and pick the registration  forms at our office. Payments can be made online through e-payments, our corporate bank accounts or pay at our VAST corporate office, # 1 Ohaeto Street, D Line, Port Harcourt.


                                                                    VAST Corporate Account Details


                     VAST Integrated Solutions Ltd                 OR                       VAST Integrated Solutions Ltd

                          2023473575                                                                         0150651542

                        First Bank Plc                                                                          GT Bank



A. We try our best to make our efforts count. We offer comprehensive trainings that serves as leverages, equip our students for future challenges, job prompts and referrals, interview tips and corporate etiquette.

Due to our modest achievement , we are in touch with some corporate, big and small time companies who are comfortable with our qualitative service delivery. Many times, we are given the priviledge of recommending our graduates. From our database, we try to do our best by matching the person with the job profile.

We give everybody equal opportunity but it should be noted that we only refer or recommend, we don’t authorize and other factors will still count like the person’s academic records, skill, comportment and behavior.

A. VAST Integrated Solutions Ltd is a  full-fledged IT & engineering design company duly registered with many regulatory bodies and many of our courses are handled by certified experts. Many of our certificates are recognized nationally by many companies and corporate organizations. Other International certificates  are made possible through our international partnerships and affiliations.

A. In VAST we don’t do abridged trainings. Our strength lies in our comprehensive efforts. We don’t presume you know a little as we always start you from ground zero. Our template is based on our rich course outlines and 85% practical demonstration of skill. If you are a fast learner, you can graduate in record time, for the average and slow learners we try to adjust their duration if the person is encouraging and hardworking.

A.        No problem, once you have registered with us for any training, we will install the programme software  for you free of charge except SAP.

A. We provide all students with a "Certificate of Completion". A statement that a student has reached a satisfactory standard and completed a competent set of working drawings can also be added on request. This endorsement is subject to satisfactory submission of exercises. For those preparing to write Certification Exams on the courses we offer here, we help prepare you with methodologies, dumps and orientations.

A.  Yes you will if you are doing integrated courses. You will enjoy our some  training fee waivers

A. Yes once you pass through the VAST Academy, you are connected to our superhighway network. You will be receiving training updates , practice works online and post training answers to your challenging questions.

A. You will meet the best of persons here. We are understanding, friendly and painstakingly diligent in our duties. Above all, we are very passionate with what we do.

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