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Plant Modeling Project

job Title:                     Piping Layout, Isometric Design & Plant Modeling Project

Client:                       Bunorr Integrated Energy Ltd

Job Description:      We were expected to generate the general arrangement drawing plan, Piping details (section drawing), Piping Isometrics for Construction, generate value data sheet and value listing and summation of bill ofmaterials ( BOM ).

                            Job Period:                   May – June, 2016

                           Job Status:                    Completed

pipe Stress Analysis

Job Title:                Design, Stress Analysis Of Varying Pipe Cases

Client:                  Bell Oil & Gas

Job Description:      Pipe schematic, isometric design, modeling and analysis to generate  the characteristics of the GRE piping material.

                           Job Period:               Yet to be determined

                           Job Status:               Still in Progress

Platform Design

Job Title:             As-built Platform Design Of The Seadrill West Jupiter Project  Maintained By Schlumberger

Client:                         UFT Engineering Ltd

Job Description:         This job was outsourced to us by UFT Engineering Ltd to model and As-built Platform at Seadrill West Jupiter, an Offshore Location near the Bakassi Peninsula

Job Period:               March 12th – March 24th, 2016

Job Status:               Completed

LPG Design & Bill Of Materials

Client:                         Nosco Oil  & Gas Services Ltd

Job Description:         One of our clients needed to build an LPG for one of its numerous clients and construction documents and BOM was sought.

Job Period:                Jan 12 th – January 23th, 2016

Job Status:                Completed

redesign Of  Pipeline Riser

Redesign Of Ubit-gc Offshore 16” Carbon Steel Pipeline Riser.

Client:                    Procon Energie Ltd

Job Description:   After the simultaneous attacks of galvanic corrosion and wave  fatigue, the riser needed a breath of fresh air that will resolve the excitation from waves and economically too.

Job Period:                   June 4th – June 16th, 2015

Job Status:                    Completed

job Title:  design Of An Api 650 Storage Vessel

Client:                CANDT Consult UK

Job Description:      Development of a Detailed Front End Engineering Design FEED for a  Pressure Vessel to be fabricated by a client.

Job Period:               February 9h- February 13th, 2014

Job Status:              Completed

Seabed Survey Design

Job Title: .         Seabed Survey For Jackup Barge -   Entry Around Agbami  Field


Client:                        Lincoln Continental Ltd 

Job Description:       This work involves the development of a Seabed Survey for the Positioning of a Jack-up barge at Agbami Field. We were contracted by  Lincoln Continental Limited to recreate the description of the survey plan they did at their work site.

Job Period:               March 23th- April 13th, 2013

Job Status:             Completed

Storage Tank Supporting System Design

Job Title: .   Ogboinbiri Crude Oil Storage Tank Support

Client:             B + G & S Nigeria Ltd

Job Description:      This design has to with a saddle support for horizontal pressure Vessel. A model of this horizontal pressure vessel and saddle support was modeled with AutoCAD. It was designed to be used at Ogboinbiri Gas Plant, Bayelsa State, a project handled by B+G & S Nigeria Limited for Daewoo Nigeria Limited.

Job Period:       August 10th- August 13th, 2012      

Job Status:      Completed

P & Id Schematic Network

Job title:            P & ID Schematic Network with Vessel & other Equipment for Pipe Routing

Client:                        Wilkriss Engineering Nigeria Ltd

Job Description:       This piping layout arrangement and development of piping general  arrangement or GA drawings is dependent on reference sources  developed prior to the piping arrangement work and modifications  required to those references to allow for the desired piping layout   arrangement.

Job Period:            10th- August 13th, 2012  

Job Status:              Completed

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